We are proud to offer weekly yoga classes for students at McGlone Elementary, Gust Elementary, Godsman Elementary, and Force Elementary in Denver, Colorado

Yoga in the classrooms helps students manage stress, improves fitness, attitude, self-confidence, and increase attention spans. Our students as well as teachers report

  • fewer fights and arguments among students;
  • better student decision-making;
  • increased self-awareness and self-esteem;
  • improved concentration and retention; and
  • more efficient use of class time.

In other words, yoga offers a potential means to address a wide range of challenges in the classroom.

Two years ago, we started a pilot program at Mcglone Elementary of offering 4 yoga classes per week. We taught mindful breathing and basic poses, but also modeled calm, respectful behavior. Students started to be mindful. They checked how loud they were speaking or if their tones were harsh in talking to another student. We saw students changing reactive behavior to creative solutions. Our classes grow from 4 per week to 20 per week

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.

Benjamin Franklin